Welcome to the Critical Illness Cover Resource Centre. Here you can learn more about the support available to our policy holders when they receive a critical illness diagnosis, as well as access a suite of supporting documents and resources relating to CIC.

CEO Legal & General Insurance, Bernie Hickman

Bernie Hickman offers insight into where he sees us in today’s insurance market. We discuss what the brand stands for as well as key points of our company values and working ethos. He also talks candidly about the importance of Critical Illness Cover.

The importance of Critical Illness cover video

Expert Opinion, Phil Tull

Independent financial adviser Phil Tull has over 30 years’ experience in the industry. Here he discusses the importance of Critical Illness Cover, as well as his personal experience of making a claim on behalf of a loved one.

Expert Opinion, Phil Tull video


Customer testimonial, Laurence Turner 

Legal & General customer Laurence Turner discusses his personal experience of not only dealing with a critical illness, but also how he made a successful claim with us.

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Our Critical Illness Cover plans could pay out if your client is diagnosed with one of our specified critical illnesses during the length of their policy. Full definitions for these illnesses are provided in our Guide to Critical Illness Cover and the Policy Booklet.

Legal & General Additional Services

We are proud to have improved our Critical Illness Cover policy to include a variety of care and support services designed to help with your clients well being. We now provide Legal & General Nurse Support Services (provided by RedArc), and – for an additional cost of just £3.25 per month – Legal & General GP24 Service (provided by Healix). These physical and emotional support services are all put in place for added peace of mind and to help your client cope during difficult times.

Introducing a holistic approach to Critical Illness Cover - from Legal & General video

We want to support your client as much as possible – that’s why we’ve partnered with RedArc Assured Limited and their registered nurses, to include a suite of six Nurse Support Services.

Legal & General Nurse Support Services

Legal & General visited RedArc to speak to some of the fantastic nurses who work with our newly introduced support service. We hear about how their expertise is integral to the specialist care they offer our customers at a difficult time in their lives.

An insight into RedArc Nurse Support Services video

Legal & General Nurse Support Services is provided by RedArc Assured Limited and includes the following; 

  • Serious illness, disability and bereavement support  

A service offering bereavement support, advice on treatments and coping strategies, and help sourcing specialist equipment you might need to make life a little easier. 

  • Second Medical Opinion  

If your client has concerns about their diagnosis or treatment and wish for a second opinion, a personal nurse adviser can arrange a face-to-face appointment with a UK-based consultant. 

  • Mental health support 

Using their expertise, personal nurse advisers offer long-term support for a range of mental health conditions including depression, stress, PTSD, bipolar and many more.

  • Carer support 

For those dedicating their time to caring for a loved one who’s sick or elderly, we offer a service providing emotional and practical support specifically for carers. 

  • Help at Home 

Following a hospital stay, a personal nurse adviser will offer advice and support over the phone. 

  • Eldercare 

Whether it’s living independently or in a residential home, we can support with choosing the best course of care for an elderly relative and how to keep them safe.

Legal & General GP24

In addition to the benefits provided by Legal & General Nurse Support Services, your client may want to consider our Legal & General GP24 Service, for an additional cost of just £3.25 per month. Legal & General GP24 is a service provided by Healix Health Services and Medical Solutions UK Ltd and provides the following;

Legal & General GP24 (video produced by Medical Solutions Ltd) video

 Video produced by Medical Solutions Ltd

  • General Practitioner Services

Your client and their immediate family will have access to the General Practitioner services any day of the year and from anywhere in the world.

  • Private Consultation Concierge Service

Using our Private Consultation Concierge Service, they can quickly and easily locate private consultants, specialists and hospital facilities by speaking to a member of the concierge team or via a mobile app.

Here you can find detailed information, product brochures and guides to help applicants understand the Critical Illness Cover policy and its terms.

Adviser pre-sale brochure

A reference guide to our Critical Illness Cover policy to discuss with your client.

PDF file: Critical Illness Cover - Customer PDF size: 384KB  

Customer pre-sale brochure

A customer guide to our Critical Illness Cover to help better understand the policy.

PDF file: Critical Illness Cover – Customer Guide PDF size: 589KB  

CIC ABI changes

Information on updates to our Critical Illness Cover, to reflect ABI changes and enhance the policy offering to our customers.

PDF file: CIC - Protection Matters - Our ABI+ definitions (Q37696) PDF size: 51KB   

Quality cover

Read more about the definitions and terminology behind the illnesses covered within our Critical Illness Cover policy, and what makes them ABI+.

PDF file: Protection Matters - CIC - Quality Cover (Q46925) PDF size: 54KB  

Critical Illness Cover poster

PDF file: Critical Illness Cover Client Poster (W13803) PDF size: 506KB