Have you seen our latest TV advert?

Our Lifetime Mortgage TV ad has been seen by thousands of potential clients across the UK and features real Legal & General customers.

Our TV advertising campaign has increased awareness of lifetime mortgages and introduced new customers to the concept. We believe that showing real people and their positive experiences of releasing equity from their homes helps to broaden the market and increase opportunity for advisers. Equity release was the fastest growing mortgage sector in 2016, and our investment in advertising will support this continued growth in the future. 

Our Lifetime Mortgage TV ad video

Transcript: Our Lifetime Mortgage TV ad

Voice over: You've worked hard for you home and now it can carry on working for you.

Voice over: A Legal & General Lifetime Mortgage is a form of equity release which could give you

On screen text: A lifetime mortgage is a loan secured against your home.

Voice over: tax-free cash to enjoy your retirement in the home you love.

Voice over: It’s a loan secured against your home, but with no need to make monthly payments.

Yvonne: We’ve lived in this house for thirty years. To downsize from this house into something smaller would be so hard.

On screen text: The loan is repaid, along with compound interest, when you die or move into long-term care.

Yvonne: And the decision was to stay where we are.

On screen text: The loan is repaid, along with compound interest, when you die or move into long-term care.

Yvonne: We’ve had a brand new kitchen, a glorious car

Yvonne: and nice holidays.

Voice over: Or you could release equity to help your family now rather than later.

On screen text: A lifetime mortgage will reduce an inheritance.

Jim: We really wanted the granddaughter to have the chance that we had, put their foot on the ladder as they say.

On screen text: You should consider other options to borrow money which may be more cost effective.

Voice over: Releasing equity from your home is a big decision so it’s important to get the right advice.

On screen text: Are you over 55 and a homeowner?

Robin: So let’s enjoy ourselves, instead of planning for something we can just do it.

Voice over: To find out about a lifetime mortgage speak to your financial adviser or call us now on 0808 221 2000 Calls may be monitored or recorded.

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