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Retirement products.

Flexible lifetime mortgage

Our Flexible Lifetime Mortgages allow your clients to release some of the full loan amount now and then come later to borrow more, up to the agreed full loan amount. Releasing more from the full loan amount later, may cost more or less depending on the interest rate at the time.


Premier Flexible Lifetime Mortgage

Our Premier Flexible Lifetime Mortgage offers our lowest interest rate with lower loan to values and a higher minimum loan requirement than our standard Flexible or Flexible Plus Lifetime Mortgage products.


Cash-out retirement plan


The Cash-Out Retirement Plan is a fixed term contract that allows your clients to receive regular income payments over a term of between 3 and 40 years.

fixed term retirement plan


The Fixed Term Retirement Plan is a contract that allows your clients to receive regular income payments over a term of between 3 and 40 years, with a fixed maturity payment at the end of the term. 

Pension Annuity

Your clients can plan for their future knowing what their income will be each year and in the certainty that it won't fall. They can choose a fixed or increasing income.

Enhanced annuity

Your clients could qualify for an uplift to their income if they suffer or have suffered from one or more potentially qualifying medical conditions.

They could qualify for extra income if they have a common lifestyle health risk(s) like Smoking, high blood pressure or high/low Body Mass Index.

Online Pension Annuity quotes

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