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Lump Sum Lifetime Mortgage


Our Lifetime Mortgages allow homeowners to release some of the equity that's tied up in their home, tax-free.

  • Your client won’t have to make any monthly payments. The loan and interest only needs to be repaid when they die or move into long-term care.
  • All of our lifetime mortgages offer an option that, if chosen at the outset, can protect a percentage of the property sale price after the deduction of all the sale costs for your clients or their beneficiaries. If selected, the inheritance protection option will reduce the amount that can be borrowed.
  • Our lifetime mortgages come with a no negative equity guarantee. It means that even if your client’s home goes down in value, they’ll never have to pay back more than the amount the property is sold for. This is on the condition that the property is sold for the best price reasonably obtainable when they die or go into long term care.



  • Are homeowners aged 60 and over.
  • Own a home in England, Wales or Scotland valued at £100,000 or over (£150,000 or over for ex-council, ex-housing association or ex-ministry of defence properties) for Lump Sum or Lump Sum Plus.
  • Have thought about other options to borrow money that may be more cost effective before considering a lifetime mortgage.
  • Want to take a set lump sum and are not looking for the option of further borrowing in the future.
  • Want to borrow £20,000 or more with a fixed interest rate.
  • Have discussed the benefits and risks of a lifetime mortgage with their family and friends and they know:

There may be cheaper ways to borrow money.

The impact on any inheritance.

The interest amount is added to the loan each month, which means the loan and outstanding interest amount grow quickly.

Repaying the loan early is likely to cause significant early repayment charge.

Releasing more from the full amount later may cost more or less depending on the current interest rate at the time.

For further details please see our product summary and other key documents.

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Customer testimonials

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