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Pension Annuity.

At a Glance

Key features

  • An income for life, which will never fall.
  • The option for automatic income increases, which could offset the effects of inflation.
  • Enhanced rates available to those with qualifying health risks or medical conditions.
  • Extra income could be available just for providing a client’s postcode.


Income and charges

Who might it be suitable for?

  • Clients who want to plan for the future knowing that their income will never fall.
  • Clients who want their income to increase each year to help counter inflation.
  • Clients who prefer the certainty of a fixed income for life.
  • Clients who can’t afford or aren’t willing to accept the risk that their income may fall.
  • Clients with qualifying lifestyle health risks or medical conditions when they buy.

Benefits and risks


All our annuity products are available on the major adviser portals.

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