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Legal & General Annuity Quote and Apply.

Flowchart for portal journey
Legal & General Agency Set Up
Firstly you’ll need to apply for an agency number by obtaining an agency agreement which you will need to sign and send off for checking. Once these checks have been carried out you will be notified as to whether or not you will be given an agency number.

If you’re a member of a network or a larger firm, check with your head office as there is probably already an established contact with Legal & General or even a master agency already set up. They should be able to help you get a sub-agency number.

If you are directly authorised you should apply directly to Legal & General.  Find out more.
How do I get a retirement quote?
The Retirement Health and Lifestyle Form is the electronic Common Quotation Request Form and allows you to gather medical and lifestyle information to present to each individual provider. Once complete, for Legal & General the information will need to be entered into the appropriate whole of market research portal in order to generate a fully guaranteed underwritten quote.  Alternatively, if you have medical information in addition to the Retirement Health and Lifestyle Form such as hospital letters these can be emailed to for consideration.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        DO I NEED TO QUOTE ALL IN ONE GO?
You can 'part complete' the request if additional information needs to be obtained to help the application. The portal will let you 'save' and 'retrieve' part completed and fully completed requests.

We provide you our best quote, first time, every time and guarantee this for 35 days.
If you need to obtain a new quote or need to change any of the details, you can retrieve and edit your quote on the portal.

Our dedicated in-house portals experts are available to help you make the most of how you can use portals in your annuity business. To contact them please email:                                                                                             
How to register with a portal

Quotes and applications for all our annuities including enhanced are available through quote portals. You will need to register directly with a portal:

Register with Assureweb
Register with AMS Retirement
Register with IRESS                                                                                                           Register with Webline

If you are already set up with one of these portals you will be ready to quote for our lifetime, including standard and enhanced, and our fixed term annuity products.


Iress (Need to login to access) – click here

Assureweb – click here

AMS Retirement – click here

Webline - click here

Our service currently covers these portals, however we aim to add new portals in the future. If you currently use a portal not listed above please contact

What happens on application?
Quotes will be guaranteed for 35 days from the date the quote is produced. The application form and purchase price must be received within the 35 days for the terms in the quote to apply.


The administration team will:
1. On receipt of the application form, validate the information in the form to enable us to set up the annuity on the correct basis.
2. Contact the ceding provider on receipt of the application form to obtain the purchase price. This will be done by ORIGO options or by post.
3. Check to see if the purchase price is received after the end of the guarantee period. Where this is the case, and the  annuity rate has gone down, we will issue a new quote.

On completion of the checks the administration team will:
1. Arrange a payment of any tax free cash (transfer only).
2. Set up annuity income payments.
3. Organise payment of any adviser charge or commission.
4. Issue policy documentation including the Policy Schedule.
Dedicated Portal Support For Annuities
We want to help you unlock the potential portals can offer your business. They offer the speed of return needed in such a time pressured environment. A fully underwritten and guaranteed quote for an enhanced annuity can be with you in a few seconds, subject to medical details provided. To make the most of these tools within your business model, we also give you the support and expertise of our in-house portals experts.

Our dedicated portal support can:
• Develop a solution for you, relevant to the way you run your business, helping you save time and money.
• Provide training to resolve on-going issues with annuity quotes, such as why a quote has been returned as indicative rather than guaranteed.
• Be flexible in how we work with you, over the phone, face to face or through an online webinar. Whatever suits you best.
• Give you access to our sales support materials and tools enabling you to get the best possible outcome for your clients.

To contact the team please email:

Retirement income online services

Quotes for our enhanced annuities are available through the listed portals: