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Current opportunities.

We've got information about how:

  • We can help you with the impacts of Retail Distribution Review (RDR)
  • Find out about our latest promotions and the opportunities they offer your clients.
  • Find out about Suffolk Life and our relationship with Cofunds.

Sales and marketing support.

We’re sharing our knowledge with you on:

  • Treating Customers Fairly (TCF)
  • Segmenting your customer base and making the most of cross selling.
  • How to develop your income through retention.
  • Marketing activity, use our top tips and advice to improve your business.

Client groups.

We’ve brought together a dedicated area where you can focus on your clients' needs and specific lifetime events.


Business development.

Business efficiency

We know that time is money and running your business as efficiently as possible is important to you.

We work within the industry to make your life easier, quicker and faster to do business.

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Latest promotions

Take a look at our latest promotions, which have been developed to help you present current opportunities to your clients. When they listen, your business grows.

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Current opportunities


As at 13 December 2013, Cofunds had assets under administration in excess of £64.1 billion.

Suffolk Life

At 1 May 2012, Suffolk Life administered over 16,000 self-invested plans and had gross assets under administration in excess of £4.5 billion. They had also acquired over 2,400 properties on behalf of 3,800 SIPP investors.

Research and development webcast

Head of specialist protection, Clare Harrop, talks about our research into business protection.

More on our latest promotions

Sales and support

Customer relationship management

Did you know that it is five times cheaper to retain existing clients than seek out new clients?

Treating Customers Fairly (TCF)

We are committed to fulfilling our TCF requirements and help you to help your customers.

Client groups

Case on car seat

High Sum Assured

A valuable client group with opportunities for portfolio planning, tax and estate planning or help with pension arrangements.

Woman shopping

Young and single, with or without children

Your clients may be young and single, but they could still need investment advice, especially as they may have higher disposable income.

Toddler in park


This is always an emotionally and financially difficult time and it’s important to review pensions and savings arrangements.

Couple on sofa

Mature couples with families

Having spent so many years working hard, your clients may now be looking to build their assets and thinking of their future retirement.

Lady bowling

Near retirement or retired

A big consideration for this lifestage is that an income will need to be provided to help maintain your clients’ normal standard of living.

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Income protection through retention

See how you could improve protection retention 
performance with our help.