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Did you know you can use contract enquiry on our adviser centre to get immediate pension valuations? Find out more.

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New, existing and past products.

Our investment products are designed to suit many different types of clients, with varying investment aims, attitude to risk and income requirements.

Our products include:
Select Portfolio Bond
Unit Trusts and ISAs'
Past Investment Products

Contact us.

Email your new Digital Response Team on All individual pensions and bonds enquiries will be answered within 48 hours. Please ensure you send information securely.

We will return information securely using PGP BeSecure, click here for a full guide on how the service works and how once set up, you can send information securely to Legal & General.

Where you just need a valuation, if you are the servicing agent, this can be obtained immediately through the Online Client Servicing.



From first time investors to high net worth clients.

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Doing business with us

Visit our Agency Servicing page to register your agency or update your details.
If you have a commission enquiry, please email our commissions team.

If you’re contacting us by email, please remember not to send any personal, financial or banking information because email is not a secure method of communication.

With profits

Visit our with profits site for information on our With Profits Fund, including the latest bonus declaration, fund performance and literature, such as the Principles and Practices of Financial Management (PPFM).

estate planning

View our Trusts and Estate planning options.

Tax, Trusts and Estate planning - investments.  


Other sites of interest.

Cofunds Platform

For Cofunds Accounts or to manage business previously sold via Cofunds, visit their website.


Download our TaxFacts app today. It is full of useful tax information and calculators that you can use with your customers.

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