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Select Portfolio Bond.

Features and Benefits of Onshore Investment Bonds.

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At a Glance

What Is It?

  • A single premium life assurance contract designed for investing a minimum of £20,000.
  • Includes a wide range of more than 125 funds from 20 fund management groups, including Legal & General.* For more information see our Funds key features.
  • Provides a range of flexible regular withdrawal options.
  • A simple, straightforward, RDR-compliant charging structure that also provides facilitated adviser charging options.   
  • Has a range of estate planning trust schemes and solutions, with each including provisions for facilitated adviser charges.
  • Allows your client to switch any combination of funds within their bond up to twice a month without charge.

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* Correct as at September 2017.

Consider If Your Clients...

  • Have a minimum of £20,000 to invest.
  • Are prepared to invest for five years, ideally longer.
  • Are prepared to accept some risk to their capital.
  • Would like an investment that could be placed under trust to potentially reduce their estate’s liability to IHT.
  • Would like access to a wide range of funds covering all major asset classes.


Please remember, the value of investments can fall as well as rise and your clients may get back less than they invest.

Why choose us?

A range of ‘income’ options

We offer ‘income’ options that can be altered to suit your clients' needs as they change, including natural income from four Legal & General funds.

We can help you advise clients on using trusts for tax-efficiency

Peace of mind is important. By placing our Select Portfolio Bond under trust you can help your clients to plan ahead.