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You are Forever a Parent

11 September 2017


Our ‘Forever a Parent’ Life Insurance campaign launches today.

The campaign idea focuses on taking care of loved ones futures as ‘being a parent doesn’t stop when your life does’. The aim is to remind parents about the importance of taking out Life Insurance and helping to care for their children’s future.

The September launch will be seen on a number of media channels such as press, radio, digital and social media. It will also include outdoor bill boards and posters on the London Underground and these will feature 'speak to your adviser' as a call to action.

We believe this campaign could also help you to introduce us to your clients and reinforce our expertise and experience. It could also help bring Legal & General to the forefront of people’s minds, reinforcing their confidence in their decision to become a Legal & General customer.

‘You are Forever a Parent’

Find out more, download our Adviser Briefing Pack.

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