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What is Healthy Living?

Healthy Living is an innovative, online tool that will enable your clients to assess, monitor and improve their health.


Registration is easy and customers will be invited to join via an insert with their policy documentation, which will direct them to Healthy Living (please note, this is a customer facing website).

Health Assessment

Once registered, your clients can take an in depth, scientifically proven health assessment. This assessment will generate their own personal “Q Score”* (see image below) which gives them a guide to how they compare healthwise with 100 people of the same age, race and gender.

Q Score example 


  • Your clients can use their health assessment results to set realistic goals.
  • We'll help them set up a plan of action, whether they want to lose weight, become more active or cut down on alcohol, for example.
  • Ongoing support throughout their plan.
  • Tips, coaching and personal guidance to help improve health and lifestyle.
  • Choose to receive online newsletters with articles on topical health subjects and issues.


Healthy Living is powered by Road to Health, a leading provider of membership based health programmes.

*Q Score is a registered trademark of the Road to Health group.


Please note, we may amend or withdraw this service at any time.

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Healthy Living website

Please note, this is a customer facing site

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