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Personal Protection.

Family Portrait  Any one of us could suffer an unexpected critical illness, serious injury or the death of a breadwinner. It’s a difficult scenario to bring up but it’s important to make sure your clients have the right protection in place to help protect their family, their home and their lifestyle.


Getting the right protection policies in place for your clients now could help secure their family’s financial future and offer added peace of mind that, they have provided some financial protection for their family. Should you be talking to your clients about our Family and Personal Income Plan, Critical Illness Cover or Income Protection Benefit products to help manage their financial risk?

Our latest Value of a Parent research has shown us that the average value of a Mum’s unpaid work in the home is valued at £29,535, while Dads is valued at £21,601.

Buying a new home or re-mortgaging should act as a trigger for your clients to review both their finances and protection policies. Would they be able to keep their home should they be unable to work as a result of illness or injury? Or would their family be able to keep paying the mortgage if a breadwinner were to die? Our Mortgage Term Assurance and Mortgage Decreasing Term Assurance could help ensure their loved ones continue to live in the family home without worrying about the mortgage. Your clients could also add Critical Illness Cover at an additional cost when you set up their mortgage life insurance policy.

Our Deadline to the Breadline report shows that if a household’s income suffers an unexpected shock and suddenly stops, people in the UK would have just 29 days, on average, before their money would run out. How would your clients continue to pay their bills, rent, mortgage or maintain their current lifestyle if they were to get seriously ill or injured and couldn’t work? Could protection which pays a monthly benefit – such as Income Protection be appropriate for them, or if they have children could Family and Personal Income Plan be appropriate?

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Value of a Parent  

Value of a Parent

Critical Illness Cover  

Critical Illness Cover


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Income Protection Benefit

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Value of a Parent

£29,535 - That’s the value our latest research puts on the unpaid domestic work a Mum does each year. Find out more