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Confidentiality Policy.

We're committed to maintaining strict confidentiality. A confidentiality policy is in place and affects all staff who have access to client's medical and other sensitive information. Few sources of information are more sensitive than a client's medical history and we are serious about avoiding any breaches of confidentiality.

We will only use the information provided on a client's application, or in any additional medical report, for the purpose of underwriting, processing and administering the policy requested.

We may also use this information in processing a claim under the policy.

Your client's consent to pass any personal medical information to a third party is incorporated within the declaration at the end of the application. We will need this consent:

  • to obtain a report from their doctor or when we ask them to attend a medical screening;
  • if we need to send their personal information to our reinsurer or;
  • if you ask us to send information to another insurance provider, or those providers approach us themselves.
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Monday to Friday 9.00am to 6.00pm.

(With the exception of Thursday's when they open at 9.30am)

We may record and monitor calls. Call charges will vary.



If you have any feedback on our Underwriting and Claims pages, whether it is something you cannot find or something that is missing then please contact us.

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