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We've got information about estate planning, research websites and Dignity's pre-paid funeral plan.


Tools and calculators.


We’ve got a range of simple tools and calculators to help you with your day-to-day work.


Online services.

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We’ve got a range of quote and apply and client-servicing tools. They’re designed to help you place business and manage your clients online.


Literature Library.

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We’ve created our Literature Library to make it quicker to find the document you’re looking for.

Funds A-Z.

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We’ve created our Funds A-Z so you can easily source and research the funds you’re looking for.

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Technical centre.

Estate planning film

A short film demonstrating the difficulties that can occur when no estate planning has been done and the effect this can have on those left behind.

Pre-paid funeral plan

Funeral planning should be an important part of the financial planning process with your clients aged 50 and over.

The plan is provided by Dignity, one of the UK’s market leading funeral plan providers and Legal & General’s chosen funeral services provider for the Over 50s Funeral Plan.

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Our online services and tools

Our tools and calculators support you in your day to day work.

Online tools and calculators

Enhance your business processes

Use our online services

Quote and apply

Protection menu quote and apply

OLP Connect, our online protection menu quote and apply system.

Bond quote and apply

Obtain multiple illustrations and apply online for bond products.

Pension quote

Obtain multiple illustrations for pension products.

Pension Annuity quotes

Produce an online Pension Annuity or Annuity Plus quote.

More online services

Client servicing

Online protection servicing

OLP Connect, allows you to manage your new business online.

Bond and pension contract enquiries

View valuations / policy details for Legal & General bonds and pensions.

Early Warning System (EWS)

This could help you to save missed protection premiums.

More online services

Tools and calculators

Pension calculators

We've developed three easy to use pension calculators which help you and you clients plan for the future.

Pension Annuity inflation demonstrator

Our Inflation demonstrator illustrates how different levels of inflation could affect income year on year based on a choice of either; fixed income, 3% increases or increases in line with RPI.

Estate planning

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It's fair to assume that most people won't want HM Revenue & Customs to take a large proportion of their wealth which they hope one day to pass onto their loved ones.

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Your clients need to protect their wealth and ensure their families are provided for when they die.

Industry websites

Financial Services Authority (FSA) website

Keep track of changes to legislation and Retail Distribution Review developments.

Bank of England

Keep up to speed with news from our new regulator.