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Existing Business Hub (Including New agent hub early warning service)

This free tool could help you to save missed protection premiums.

We recognise how easily clients can be lost through simple administrative errors or by you not being informed of a change in bank details. This could be due to:

  • a bounced or cancelled direct debit.
  • where the policy has been lapsed.
  • circumstances where the policy is cancelled from outset.
  • let our Existing Business Hub help solve this problem by:

Telling you of potential client, policy and commission losses and giving you the requirements to reinstate the policy

  • Emailing notifications up to 3 times a week and within 72 hours of policies in danger of lapsing
  • Giving you secure online access with 4 weeks data always on view·
  • Downloading reports into Excel or database.

This also ensures your clients receive a more personalised, enhanced service from you.



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Read our case studies from advisers who have been using our Existing Business Hub and have reaped the benefits from it.

Mortgage Advice Bureau (MAB): EWS helps save over £7m in 5 years
MAB set up its Protection Retention Team in 2006. The team’s sole objective is handle all arrears notifications received across MAB’s distribution to ensure lapses are kept to the minimum possible. The results speak for themselves, with over £7m of our advisers and businesses owners income saved over that period!

Catching the client early in the process is essential to a successful outcome. Legal & General’s Early Warning System (EWS) has proved an invaluable part of the retention process, and is by far the most efficient arrears notification technology we have come across. The overall efficiency and speed of EWS helps our Retention team deliver extremely high standards of customer service, and handle arrears situations quickly and efficiently. We have continued to develop our retention process with Legal & General, who have been extremely supportive of the teams work and what we are
trying to achieve.

Peter Brodnicki Chief Executive, MAB
TopQuote: EWS helped achieve a 41% reinstatement rate
TopQuote are a predominantly telephone based sales operation, selling Life assurance, Critical Illness Cover, Buildings and Contents, and Income Protection. We have been in business since Feb 2003 and have been selling for Legal & General since September 2007.

We generate thousands of applications each year, requiring processes that ensure a smooth customer journey. Volumes of cases only translate into profits if there is little difference between gross submissions and satisfied, paying customers.

Effective arrears management, ensures that the client is kept aware of any potential issues during their period of cover and that commissions are retained. These two elements are essential to the profitability of a protection business.

We have been operating an arrears management process since we began trading, because experience had taught us that sales figures taken in isolation, can provide a dangerously distorted view of success.

We chose to do business with Legal & General because of their Early Warning System (EWS). We understood that reducing the percentage of business that is lost through cessations was only going to be possible if we had a service that notified us immediately when a client missed a premium, or cancelled a mandate/ policy. EWS provides the necessary opportunity for the problem to be solved. By no means do we feel that we have a perfect system. However, we do feel that there is no insurer out there with a clearer understanding of the importance of managing arrears, or a better system that helps achieve this aim.

Guy Codling Managing Director, TopQuote

See how much you are potentially losing each year.

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