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Adviser Centre

Why work with us?

  • We're a financially strong company.
  • Our products and services offer flexibility and choice.
  • Our technology is designed to make your life easier.
  • We pride ourselves on providing excellent service.

Working with us.

Why choose us?

Across our company we’ve been awarded a number of high profile awards for our products and service since 2011.

  • Group SIPP provider of the year at the Pension and Investment Provider Awards
  • Three awards at the Financial Adviser Life and Pension Awards for Best Critical Illness Provider, Best Term Assurance Provider, Best Life Assurance Provider
  • Top protection provider for technology and First place for Menu, Critical Illness, Income Protection, Life in the FTRC e-Excellence Ratings
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Our offer

Our expertise gives our partners confidence in offering our products and services.


Doing business with us

We work with other members of the industry to build common services, which speed up your process, save you time and money.

Find out more about Origo's Agency Services.

Find out more about Unipass.

Our registrations team can help with;

  • accessing the site and services
  • re-setting passwords
  • changing access levels.

Doing business with us

Agency services

Use Origo's Agency Services to electronically set up and administer your agency with us and other providers.

Access Adviser Centre

Use all the online services available on Adviser Centre.

Unipass (digital certificate)

Make access to our Adviser Centre and our secure services simpler and easy by registering your UNIPASS certificate.

Managing your access to Adviser Centre

Once you’ve been set up with access to Adviser Centre, find out more about managing your website access.

Contracts and commission

Find out more about the Intermediary Terms of Business and Commission Terms.

Quote and apply

Protection menu quote and apply

OLP Connect, our online protection menu quote and apply system.

Bond quote and apply

Obtain multiple illustrations and apply online for bond products.

Pension quote

Obtain multiple illustrations for pension products.

Pension Annuity quotes

Produce an online Pension Annuity or Annuity Plus quote.

More online services

Client servicing

Online protection servicing

OLP Connect, allows you to manage your new business online.

Bond and pension contract enquiries

View valuations / policy details for Legal & General bonds and pensions.

Early Warning System (EWS)
This could help you to save missed protection premiums.

More online services

Why choose us?

Our strengths

A message from Nigel Wilson, Group Chief Executive.

Financial strength

It's never been more important to recommend a provider of financial strength and integrity.

Flexibility and choice

We understand that as your client's life and financial aspirations change through the years, so do their needs.

Technology and innovation

We make administration easier, by using accessible platform technology offering you excellent service and support.

Service and expertise

We make it easy for you to do business with us.

Tools and calculators

Pension calculators

We've developed three easy to use pension calculators which help you and you clients plan for the future.

Pension Annuity inflation demonstrator

Our Inflation demonstrator illustrates how different levels of inflation could affect income year on year based on a choice of either; fixed income, 3% increases or increases in line with RPI.