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Flexibility and Choice.


We understand that as your client’s life and financial aspirations change through the years, so do their needs.

We understand the importance of offering your clients flexibility whatever their circumstances.

Experience has taught us to ensure that all of our products are designed to incorporate flexibility and choice. For example:

  • You can offer the reassurance of being able to switch investment funds in our portfolio products – usually at no cost – as time passes and attitudes to risk or aims change.
  • Protection – We don’t just offer term. We also offer family, business and Inheritance Tax protection. Find out more
  • Our unique pension range also gives you the scope to provide on-going flexible arrangements for every client, whatever their age, wealth, retirement date, aims, attitude to risk, or investment style. People are working harder and longer, so there is a clear need for flexible pension arrangements in today’s workplace.
  • Our range of payment, escalation and death benefit options will help your clients tailor their annuity to suit their needs.

Whatever your clients’ needs, we are on hand to support you in making a suitable recommendation.

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