You can buy a standard or enhanced rate annuity, direct from us, with as little as £1,000.

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Is a Pension Annuity right for me?

You’ll need to buy an annuity if you want to turn your pension fund into an income for life.

Buying an annuity is an important one-off decision and you will literally have to live with the income from your annuity for the rest of your life. You won’t be able to change any of your chosen annuity options at a later date.

You may wish to consider our Pension Annuity if:

You want to reduce risk by fixing your income.

Your attitude to risk may go some way to determining the sort of annuity you buy, especially if you’re naturally cautious with your money and you would prefer lower risk. 

Our Pension Annuity helps you to plan for your future with the certainty that your income will never fall. You receive a known level of income for the rest of your life without having to worry about investment performance and its effect on your income.

You want to counter the effects of inflation.

When you buy our Pension Annuity you can choose to have your income increase each year to help guard against the effects of inflation. Inflation could reduce the buying power of your income over time, so you can choose for your income to increase by a fixed percentage each year or to increase in line with the Retail Prices Index (RPI), a widely-used measure of inflation. 

The larger the annual increase you choose the lower your starting income, but the more likely it will maintain its current worth.

You want to provide for your partner after you die.

Pension annuities pay you an income for as long as you live but will normally stop being paid when you die. So when you buy yours you may want to include:

  • a spouse’s, registered civil partner’s or dependant’s income - paid after your death for the rest of their life,
  • a guaranteed payment period - during which your income will continue to be paid even if you die within that period.

You have one or more health risks or medical conditions.

If you suffer from a qualifying health risk or medical condition you could qualify for extra income from your annuity. The more serious your condition(s), the more income we could offer you.  

Our decision on extra income is based on your health at the time you buy and we won’t be able to increase your income if your health worsens at a later date. 

RPI increases are not available on our enhanced Pension Annuity. 


Our Pension Annuity offers;

  • A fixed or increasing income for life that won't fall;
  • A choice of payment options;
  • Enhanced rates and income for life based on lifestyle health risks and medical conditions;
  • Optional death benefits that can be added including a minimum payment period and dependant's pension

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