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Rainbow Contents Cover.

Our contents cover is flexible and wide-ranging and provides the level of cover you and your customers would expect from a leading insurer.

Remember to remind your customers that they should insure their contents for what it would cost to replace them with new items, not their second-hand value.

What is covered?

The table below gives you an overview of what’s covered as standard under our contents insurance.

What’s included?Covered?Selling point

Standard option - four levels of cover for your customer to choose from as long as your customer’s home has no more the five bedrooms





Gives your customer flexibility and choice and means that they don’t have to pay for cover they may not need

Select option - is available if your customer’s home has more than five bedrooms or the limits aren’t suitable


Lets your customer specify the contents sum insured they require which must represent the full cost of replacing all of their contents
Loss or damage caused by the main perils including fire, storms, floods, falling trees, theft, attempted theft, malicious acts of vandalism


Loss or damage caused by fire, smoke, explosion, lightning, earthquake, storm, flood, theft or attempted theft, falling trees and malicious acts or vandalism
Ask your customer what would happen if their washing machine flooded their kitchen and hall? Would they be able to afford to replace their carpets?
Accidental damage to computers, TVs and stereos.

Cover for accidental damage to portable computers and portable televisions is no longer included as standard. If cover is required, your customer will need to insure their items under optional extended accidental damage or, if cover is also required away from the home, under the personal possessions section
High risk property such as jewellery, pictures, works of arts, stamps and coin collections
  • In total up to 33% of contents sum insured (minimum £14,000) and up to 5% of contents sum insured (minimum £2,000) for a single item, pair or set
Cost of alternative accommodation should your customer need to temporarily move out of their home due to an insured event
  • Up to 25% of their contents sum insured (minimum £10,000)
Ask your customer what would happen if their home was flooded and uninhabitable? Could they afford to pay for somewhere else to live? The Environmental Agency reported that more than 800 homes were flooded in 2012 after storms hit parts of England and Wales.*

* BBC News Report (
Replacement locks and keys if your keys are stolen
  •  Up to £750
Ask your customer what would happen if their handbag was stolen with their keys in and perhaps details of their address?
They can install new locks up to £750 without worrying about the expense
Credit card cover if your customer should suffer a loss due to fraud
  •  Up to £5000
Personal money in the home
  •  Up to £500
Freezer contents
  • Up to £1,000
Plants in the garden (in pots and containers)
  • Up to £1,000
Contents temporarily removed from the home
  • Cover for contents temporarily removed other than while attending full time education is restricted to 90 consecutive days. Limited to 15% of the contents sum insured subject to a minimum of £7,000
  • For contents temporarily removed while attending full time education, the 90-day limit does not apply, however there is a limit of £5,000 in total and £1,000 for a single article, pair or set
Do your customers have children that are students living away from the home? If so, they can cover their belongings under their own household insurance
Special events cover – a temporary increase in contents sum insured during the period of one month before and one month after a special event such as Christmas or a wedding
  • Up to 10% extra contents sum insured
If your customer has done their Christmas shopping, it’s likely that there will be lots of presents in the home. What would happen if your customer suffered a burglary but their contents cover wasn’t enough to cover all the presents?

What isn't covered?

  • The first £100 of each claim (or in the event of escape of water, the first £250)
  • Loss or damage caused by malicious acts, vandalism, theft, escape of water, leakage of oil, loss of oil and water, and loss or damage to contents in the garden if your customers home will be unoccupied for more than 60 consecutive days. There is no cover from the first day the home is not lived in
  • Money and pedal cycles stolen from your home unless it was entered by force and violence.

These are only a few of the limitations and exclusions that apply. For further details of what is and isn’t covered, please refer to the Rainbow Policy Summary (QGI6438) use from 1/8/17  PDF: 373KB and for full details Rainbow Policy Booklet (QGI6390) use from 1/8/17  PDF: 1.11MB  

Minimum standard of security

In certain circumstances (such as if your customer’s home is in a certain area), we will not cover their contents or personal possessions unless they meet our minimum standards of security. You can find details of these in the Rainbow Policy Summary (QGI6438) use from 1/8/17  PDF: 373KB  

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