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Frequently Asked Questions.

I’m new to Legal & General. How do I get the Rainbow household products on my system allowing me to quote?

We'll arrange the set up of EDI for you when we are setting up your agency with us.  We will contact the relevant software house and then confirm the product codes and policy number ranges back to you.

When do we get renewal messages?

We issue renewal documents or renewal messages 35 days before the renewal date. 

If there is any missing information, we'll contact you before the renewal date by telephone.

What are the minimum standards of security you require for Rainbow?

In some circumstances (such as if your customer’s home is in a certain area), we will not cover their contents or personal possessions unless they meet our minimum standards of security. For full details please refer to the Rainbow Policy Summary (PDF) document.

What information do I need to provide to change my customer's address on their policy?

Please provide the following:

  • Postcode
  • Effective date
  • Sum insured
  • Whether the property is in a good state of repair
  • Confirmation that there has been no subsidence or structural problems in last 15 years
  • Confirmation that there has been no flooding in last 15 years
  • Construction
  • Whether there is any business use
  • The number of bedrooms
  • Type of property
  • Year of build
  • Security details
  • Ownership
My customer wants to insure their pedal cycle, what security information do you need?

If there is a single cycle valued at over £2,000 or a collection over £3,000 to be covered on the policy, full details must be obtained:

  • What security does the building have where the bike is stored?
  • How are the bikes secured within the building?
  • Are they attached using a security device to a permanently fixed structure?
  • Details of the lock used when the bike is taken away from the home (this needs to be a Gold Rated Sold Secure bike lock).
When are valuations needed and what information is required?
Valuations are required as follows:
Sum InsuredJewelleryElectrical goodsPaintings/works of art
£5,000 or lessA full description of the item is required
More than £5,000Purchase receipt or valuation from valuer who is member of NAGProof of valuePurchase receipt or recommended valuation from leading Art Auction House eg Christie’s or Sotheby’s
Why do we ask so many security questions every time I call the customer services or claims team?

We take customers' privacy very seriously and has obligations under the Data Protection Act to protect personal data. Personal information such as date of birth, bank account details along with the customers name and address are now as valuable as money. 

Criminals use a mixture of tactics to acquire the information needed to steal another's identity in order to commit fraud and therefore we do need to ask enough questions of any caller to ensure that we know who we are speaking to and only give information to customers and their appointed agent.

Is there an interest charge for paying in instalments by Direct Debit?

If you're using Legal & General's monthly payment facility there is an interest rate of 8.5% fixed for paying in instalments by direct debit.

Does the policy provide buildings cover for a property, which is lived in by family members and not the policyholder?

Providing the family members are permanently residing at the property and there is no tenancy agreement in place then we will provide cover for the buildings in the owners name. The family members should arrange contents cover in their own name.

Please note:

  • There can be no tenancy agreement in place.  If there is then this will be considered a landlord policy, which is unacceptable.
  • We can accept policies when only family members occupy the property.  If family and friends occupy the property then this is unacceptable.
  • The Declaration questions relate to both the policyholder and anyone residing at the risk.
What cover is provided for children whilst away at university?

The policy offers contents temporarily removed from your home whilst attending full time education up to £5,000 in total or £1,000 for a single article, pair or set.

Would we accept a property which is part owned/ part housing association?

Where a property has been purchased through a housing association the buildings may already be arranged via the housing association as part of the rental agreement. However if this is not included then it may be up to the customer to insure the property & note the housing association as interested party. The customer will be classed as an owner/occupier.

How would we rate dorma bungalows, link-detached, quasi, and coach houses?
  • Dorma Bungalow- Semi Detached or Detached House (depending on property)
  • Link- Detached- Terraced house
  • Quasi- Semi detached property
  • Coach House- rate as maisonette
How do I process a change of address if the customer has exchanged but not completed?

The Framework policy allows cover between exchange & completion up to 90 days.

If you are placing a new risk with ourselves the inception date of the policy should be effective from the date of completion. We will give cover between exchange and completion for up to 90 days.

On a change in address the change should be processed from the completion date and cover will be given between exchange and completion provided this does not exceed 90 days.

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