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Locks guide.

Lock up for extra security

Your guide to approved locks and security devices.
ImageLock typeDescription
Cylinder rim locksCylinder rim locksCylinder rim locks are mounted on the inside of the door, they have a cylinder that connects to the keyhole on the outside of the door. If they do not comply with British Standard BS3621, additional security would be required; on timber doors they can be used in conjunction with a BS3621 approved mortice lock.
Mortice LocksMortice locksMortice locks are physically embedded into a slot in the door. If you have an external timber door, it must be secured with a British Standard BS3621:2007 5 lever mortice lock.
Mulit-point locking systemMulti-point locking system A multi-point locking system has a minimum of three locking points that all lock simultaneously by the turn of a key. Multi-point locks are most common on uPVC doors. 
Patio door and window locksPatio door and window locksKey operated locks are fitted to the top or bottom of a window or door.
Key operated window locksKey operated window locksKey operated locks are located on a handle that closes the window or door. 

More security to consider

  • Hinge bolts
    Fitted to the leaf of any outward opening door.
  • Anti-lift device
    These are fitted to patio doors to prevent them being lifted out of the frame.
  • Patio door locking bar
    Prevents doors from being opened and tilted out of the frame.
  • Key-operated rim security bolt
    These are fitted vertically to the top and the bottom of the first closing door.
  • Multi-point locking system bolt types
    These are fitted by the manufacturer in uPVC style doors to lock vertically.
  • Hook bolt lock
    Usually fitted to sliding doors, this lock prevents the door being lifted to release the lock.
  • Louvre windows
    Uses brackets which the glass should be fixed into with adhesive. This stops the glass panes from being slid out.
  • Window grille
    A window grille suitable for domestic use. Fitted to the inside of the window and pulled across to lock.
  • Home alarm system
    A home alarm can act as a powerful deterrent against burglary.

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