Contents insurance calculator.

contents insurance calculatorTo ensure you have enough contents cover, take a quick tour around our virtual house and calculate the value of all your possessions.

A personal picture of your home contents

The contents of your house are personal to you and everyone requires different levels of cover. Whatever the value of your home contents, our calculator will quickly and easily help you build a picture of the sum insured that you require.

When thinking about insurance for your possessions you probably think of the obvious valuable items – like TVs, jewellery and computers. However, you also need to make sure you cover the less obvious items like clothes, bedding and tools which can easily be overlooked. What about the things you store in your garage or attic? If you have children, you’ll also need to think about their latest gadgets, toys and home entertainment systems. Remember that as time goes by, we will naturally accumulate more things.

Once you've calculated your contents, then simply choose the level of cover you need - either Essentials if you're looking for basic cover or Extra if you're looking to cover against a wider range of risks.

Alternatively, you may have more complex needs that mean you require a high level of contents cover for things such as single items worth more than £10,000 and items you often take away from home valued at more than £20,000. Perhaps you have antiques, fine art or valuable jewellery which may have gone up in value? In this case, Enhanced would offer you a higher level of cover. Whatever it is that matters to you, use our contents calculator to get a personal picture of the value of your home contents.

We’ll do the maths

So you can be confident that you have enough contents cover, take a quick tour around our virtual house to enable you to calculate the total value of your possessions, room by room. Our home contents calculator will give you a guide to the sum insured you need so you can select the right amount of cover in your home insurance application - the results may surprise you.

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