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Starting a new job?

Whether you’re starting with a new company, moving up to a more senior role or changing careers, try these tips to get your new job off to a great start.

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  • Starting a new job
    Whether you’re starting with a new company, moving up to a more senior role or changing careers, try these tips to get your new job off to a great start.
  • Spring DIY
    Gearing up for some home improvements during the spring? Follow our safety tips and avoid some of the most common DIY accidents…
  • What would you say
    We've been asking the nation to tell us what advice they would give to their younger selves, if they had the chance.
  • Rescue Animals
    Deciding to adopt a rescue cat or dog is a big decision. Giving an unwanted pet a home can be very rewarding, but you need to make sure you can meet their needs.
  • Energy - are you efficient at saving money?
    With the recent hike in energy prices, are you doing all you can to save money and save energy? Is your home energy efficient? Can you save money by switching?
  • Keeping your personal gadgets safe
    The 21st century has seen the personal gadget rise in popularity like never before. As well as our media players and cameras, we now have smartphones and mobile devices, tablets, sat navs, ebook readers and other personal electronic devices that make our lives easier and keep us entertained.
  • Taking care of your dog and cat's teeth
    Dogs and cats can suffer from tooth decay and gum disease, just like humans. Find out how to care for your pet’s teeth.
  • Dog and Cat care essentials
    Dogs and cats are Britain’s most popular pets. Find out the basics of how to take care of a cat or dog.
  • Tips for packing away your Summer clothes
    Days are getting shorter, temperatures are dropping, and your winter clothes are back in action. Find out how to safely store your summer outfits ready for next year.
  • Best City to be young
    New research of the Uk's top 20 Cities reveals Cardiff, as the number one city for young adults.
  • 10 home security tips for when you’re on holiday
    Heading off for a week or two in the sunshine? Make sure you leave everything safe and secure at home before you go.
  • Keep your garden secure this summer
    During the summer months, the garden is almost an extra room in your house. Make sure it’s protected from intruders with our 10 tips…
  • Are Profreshionals ready for the realities of work?
    25 years old; this is the average age that working 18-27 year olds - who we’ve termed Profreshionals - believe they will become financially independent, according to new research from our home insurance business. This is seven years later than their parents' generation claim they became financially independent. According to new research from our home insurance business, this is seven years later than their parents claim they became financially independent.
  • Making your home more eco-friendly
    We all know how important it is to reduce our impact on the environment in our everyday lives. As energy costs continue to climb higher, there are financial reasons for cutting the amount of energy we use too. Here’s how you can make changes around your home that will help you live greener and put some pennies back in your pocket at the same time.

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