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Tomorrow’s World : Future Technology.

Although toys coming to life was once merely a child’s fantasy, technology is now making this – in a sense – a reality.

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  • Tomorrow’s world : Future Technology
    Although toys coming to life was once merely a child’s fantasy, technology is now making this – in a sense – a reality. It’s more than just devices that can be controlled remotely, such as thermostats and security systems, today’s gadgets are now ‘learning’ to interact with each other and us.
  • Moving Home Survey Positive results for 2015
    Our home insurance team recently conducted a survey on people’s intentions for moving home and it’s provided some positive signs for the property market in 2015.
  • Winterproofing your home.
    Now’s the time to get your home ready for the big freeze. Here are 10 ways to stay warm, dry and comfortable all winter long
  • How student loans work.
    If you’re about to go to college, or you’re the parent of somebody who is, well done. But before you go, here’s something that will be useful – a guide to repaying that student loan.
  • Microchipping your pet.
    Microchipping is becoming increasingly common in the UK and will soon be a legal requirement for dogs. Find out why you should microchip your pet and how to get it done.
  • Top tips for a low maintenance garden
    Is weeding and hoeing low on your priority list? These tips and tricks could help to create an easy-care garden where you can relax and unwind.
  • Safer cycling from A to B.
    Cycling can be healthy, cheap and often the quickest way to get around a busy town or city. However, it isn’t always the safest mode of transport. Find out how to keep yourself safe and your bike secure.
  • Summer grooming for pets.
    Humans may love the warmer weather, but your pet can’t just put a t-shirt on to cool down. Long-haired pets are particularly sensitive to heat. Here’s how regular grooming can help them cope in the summer heat.
  • Ideas for UK dog-friendly holidays.
    There’s no need to leave Rex behind when you go away. Here’s our guide to some of the UK’s dog-friendly destinations.
  • Choosing the right gym membership.
    Finding the right gym membership can be your key to a healthier lifestyle, better fitness and more energy.
  • Your responsibilities as a Landlord.
    If you rent out a property, you're a landlord and this comes with responsibilities.
  • Caring for your antiques.
    If you’ve invested in a lovely piece of furniture, whether it’s a true antique or a modern design classic, we have some tips that could help you to look after it.
  • Pet names.
    Dogs and cats have their own personalities and need names to match! As they're part of your family, it's important to choose a name that everyone's comfortable with.
  • Starting a new job?
    Whether you’re starting with a new company, moving up to a more senior role or changing careers, try these tips to get your new job off to a great start.
  • Top tips for safer spring DIY projects.
    Gearing up for some home improvements during the spring? Follow our safety tips and avoid some of the most common DIY accidents…
  • Best City to be young - September 2013 report
    Research of the UK's top 20 Cities reveal Cardiff as the number one city for young adults.

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