Investment bond prices.

Investments made prior to 22/01/2001 had a bid/offer spread (that is an initial charge). Regardless of when you invested, the buying price (offer) and selling price (bid) of each fund will always be the same.

To find out the current Fund Management Charge that applies to each fund, please see the Funds key features in the ‘Key Documents’ section on the right of this page.

The prices displayed here were released on 16/04/2014.

Fund Name Selling Price (p) Buying Price (p)
British Opps Accum 567.60 567.60
Building Society Linked Accum 282.50 282.50
Cash Accum 460.20 460.20
Mixed Managed Accum 211.80 211.80
Distribution Dist 137.70 137.70
Distribution Accum 350.80 350.80
Distribution (Growth) Dist 118.70 118.70
Distribution (Growth) Accum 179.50 179.50
Equity Accum 3372.00 3372.00
European Accum 642.20 642.20
Far Eastern Accum 634.20 634.20
Fixed Interest Accum 1376.90 1376.90
Index Linked Gilt Accum 581.30 581.30
International Accum 1144.40 1144.40
Managed Accum 2108.20 2108.20
Managed Bond Dist 96.20 96.20
Managed Bond Accum 152.80 152.80
North American Accum 892.80 892.80
Property Dist 83.00 83.00
Property Accum 941.00 941.00

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