Fund performance table.

 This table shows the performance:

  • Of our investment funds, if available, for five consecutive 12 month periods.
  • With net income reinvested and including all yearly charges.
  • Excluding any initial charges.

Our fund factsheets contain further information about the aims of our investment funds, fund managers and what the funds invest in.

  • If past fund performance information is not available it's shown as N/A.
  • Past fund performance is not an indicator of future performance. Risks associated with each product are listed in the relevant Key Investor Information document.
  • Where more than one class of unit is available, fund performance figures relate to 'R' class.
  • This information is supplied by Lipper. All investment funds are provided by
    Legal & General (Portfolio Management Services) Limited.
Fund Performance Table
Fund namePercentage change (%)
 Fund factsheetMar 09
Mar 10
Mar 10
Mar 11
Mar 11
Mar 12
Mar 12
Mar 13
Mar 13
Mar 14
Asian IncomeFund factsheet
CashFund factsheet0.20.00.1-0.1-0.3
DistributionFund factsheet39.03.42.912.56.1
EquityFund factsheet39.35.2-0.614.38.5
EthicalFund factsheet52.814.1-2.119.915.7
European IndexFund factsheet47.46.1-12.417.716.1
EuropeanFund factsheet42.33.1-
Fixed InterestFund factsheet34.94.97.411.91.0
Global 100
Fund factsheet39.13.5-0.314.76.5
Global Emerging
Markets Index
Fund factsheetN/AN/A-10.26.2-12.1
Global Environmental
Fund factsheetN/AN/AN/A4.723.0
Global GrowthFund factsheet42.32.5-
Global Health and
Pharmaceuticals Index
Fund factsheet25.7-1.512.630.013.6
Fund factsheet48.42.713.71.913.6
GrowthFund factsheet49.80.7-1.47.310.7
High IncomeFund factsheet40.510.2-
International IndexFund factsheet45.57.0-
Japan IndexFund factsheet28.4-5.40.313.4-2.9
Managed Monthly
Fund factsheet42.
Multi Manager
Fund factsheet41.86.4-4.47.2-1.8
Multi Manager
Fund factsheet46.37.3-7.37.0-3.1
Multi Manager
Fund factsheet33.94.7-0.99.3-1.2
North AmericanFund factsheet35.15.53.5146.4
Pacific GrowthFund factsheet69.85.0-11.016.1-7.7
Pacific IndexFund factsheet65.012.6-5.217.4-6.9
UK 100 IndexFund factsheet50.
UK Active
Fund factsheet48.32.4-2.413.214.8
UK AlphaFund factsheet77.134.3-9.714.228.4
UK Equity IncomeFund factsheetN/AN/A3.919.112.3
UK IndexFund factsheet53.28.50.416.28.1
UK PropertyFund factsheet15.
UK Smaller
Fund factsheet51.733.06.520.029.7
US IndexFund factsheet40.78.07.318.910.3
WorldwideFund factsheet39.05.4-1.813.610.0

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