Investment bonds - fund switching for existing customers.

All our investment bonds allow you to change the funds that you are invested in. There may be some restrictions, for example, minimum amounts that can be invested, switched or a limit on the number of switches each month. Please read your Product Guide or Contract Document for further details.

We recommend that you seek financial advice before switching funds as the funds that you're currently invested in may have certain benefits that could be lost if you switch out.

Which funds are available?
Below are the Funds key features for our range of investment bonds. To find out which document is applicable to your bond, please see your Product Guide or Contract Document or contact our Customer Service team on 0370 050 0263.* Lines are open 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday.



Select Portfolio Bond (Wealth Managers) Funds key features - launched 31 December 2012

Select Portfolio Bond Funds Key Features Post RDR (W13667) (PDF: 741KB)  

Select Portfolio Bond (Financial Solutions) Funds key features - launched 19 November 2012

Select Portfolio Bond Funds Key Features (Financial Solutions) (W13691) (PDF: 789KB)  

Select Portfolio Bond (Nationwide) Funds key features - launched 03 December 2012

Select Portfolio Bond (Nationwide) (W13653) (PDF: 495KB)  

Select Portfolio Bond and Portfolio Regular Investment Plan Funds key features - launched 06 September 2010

Select Portfolio Bond Funds Key Features (W12664) (PDF: 222KB)  



Portfolio Bond Funds Key Features (W12735) (PDF: 333KB)  

Portfolio Bond Funds Key Features (W12746) (PDF: 236KB)  

Portfolio Bond (IPS Nationwide) (Q23111) (PDF: 181KB)  



Investment Bond Funds Key Features (W12715) (PDF: 210KB)  



With Profits Bond Funds Guide (Q23600) (PDF: 124KB)  

We strongly recommend that you speak to your adviser before changing any funds.

*We may record and monitor calls.
Calls to this number will not exceed your fixed line or mobile phone provider's national rate and will be included in any inclusive free minute plan or discount scheme you may have with your telephone provider. Call charges will vary between telephone providers. These numbers may not be available from outside the UK.

Call your adviser for information or email our advice team.

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