FCA gets tough with 'add-ons'

Consumers unwittingly buying insurance add-ons when they take out credit cards or mortgages is to become a thing of the past.

27 March 2015

'Growing equality' in UK boardrooms

Enormous progress is being made in encouraging women to take boardroom roles, and numbers have doubled in the past four years, new figures show.

26 March 2015

UK inflation rate falls to zero

The UK economy has not seen deflation for 55 years, but the prospect is a step closer as inflation hit zero in February.

25 March 2015

March export blow for manufacturers

Growth in manufacturing output remains steady but international orders have fallen to a two-year low, the CBI reveals.

24 March 2015

Eurozone debt crisis fuels market drop

The FTSE 100 Index took a start-of-week wobble amid fears about the troubled eurozone's debts.

23 March 2015

Chancellor wages war on tax dodgers

The Chancellor has announced new plans to beat tax dodgers.

20 March 2015

Budget unveils new help-to-buy ISAs

A new ISA designed to help first-time buyers save towards a down payment has been announced in the Budget.

19 March 2015

Typical house prices 'near record high'

Restricted supply has pushed the average asking price for a house in England and Wales to within a whisker of an all-time high, according to a site.

18 March 2015

'Radical' review of business rates begins

A review which will assess England's 30-year-old business rates system is under way.

17 March 2015

Parents urged to talk about money

Many parents hardly ever discuss money matters with their children, new research shows.

16 March 2015

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