Inflation 'set to average 0.3% this year'

Inflation is unlikely to average more than 0.3% during 2016, according to a new report.

05 February 2016

Higher starting wages predicted for job-hunters

Advertised job salaries are rising but the amount of vacancies is falling, a new study shows.

04 February 2016

'Fall' in number of deputy chief executives

Deputy chief executive numbers at top firms have fallen dramatically, according to a new report.

03 February 2016

Landlords face new tenant checks

When they come to rent properties out, landlords must now check that their new tenants have a right to be in the UK.

02 February 2016

'Surge' in workplace pension warnings

More employers are failing to comply with their new workplace pension duties, data shows.

01 February 2016

Festive shoppers 'less reliant on plastic'

Some shoppers shied slightly away from their credit cards and raided their ISA savings instead to pay for Christmas gifts, a new report suggests.

29 January 2016

Small firms 'may struggle with auto-enrolment'

Having to enrol their employees in workplace pensions may leave many small firms struggling to cope, a cross-party committee of MPs is warning.

28 January 2016

Cities 'hit by weaker wages' despite jobs boost

Salaries in cities have fallen by £1,300 a year despite the creation of almost a million jobs, new research reveals.

27 January 2016

City bonus hopes 'set to be dashed'

City of London workers expecting a bonus are likely to be disappointed in some cases, claims a recruitment firm.

26 January 2016

Fall in current account switches

Fewer current account customers switched to a new provider last year, figures show.

25 January 2016

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