'Sharp drop' in personal bank deposits

New state-sanctioned pensioner bonds are being blamed for a dip in the reserves held in people's bank accounts.

27 February 2015

Call for more female directors

A five-director boardroom should have at least one woman executive on it by the end of the decade, a human resources body has urged.

26 February 2015

Government 'should give up bank shares'

A think-tank says the Government should offer the state's shares in the bailed-out banks to taxpayers.

25 February 2015

Think-tank calls for 'pensions commission'

The next government should set up a pensions commission to help more people save for later life, according to a think-tank.

24 February 2015

Worker pay settlements 'remain low'

Pay is rising above the rate of inflation but the settlements workers are getting are still classed as low, new research claims.

23 February 2015

City dwellers voice home ownership doubts

Most city dwellers fear that home ownership in their locality is only a remote possibility, according to a new report.

20 February 2015

UK unemployment rate third lowest in EU

The UK now has the third lowest unemployment rate among the 28 EU nations, after the latest reduction in the jobless total.

19 February 2015

New inflation rate the lowest on record

Inflation is at its lowest rate since records began, according to new figures.

18 February 2015

Economic growth 'could hit 2.7%'

Strong wage rises and low oil prices are helping to boost economic growth, according to the Confederation of British Industry (CBI).

17 February 2015

House prices 'up by £5,000'

A lack of choice has seen average house prices jump by more than £5,000 this month, new data suggests.

16 February 2015

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