Call for council spending checks

MPs are pressing the Government to ensure councils spend the billions of pounds of public money they receive effectively.

15 September 2014

Switching service 'proving popular'

Over a million people have already taken advantage of a new scheme designed to make switching current accounts easier and faster.

12 September 2014

Hitting green targets 'can boost economy'

Hitting green goals will create tens of thousands of new jobs and benefit families financially, according to a new study.

11 September 2014

Call to give cities more 'financial freedom'

Reforms are needed to let cities drive economic growth by spending Government grants how they want and revaluing council tax bands, according to a new report.

10 September 2014

Housing 'must top political agenda'

A business lobby group is urging all the political parties to prioritise solving Britain's lack of housing in their manifestos.

09 September 2014

New IPOs 'outperforming FTSE 100'

The 28 companies that have chosen to offer shares to the public in 2014 have fared 5.5% better than the FTSE 100 average, according to a report.

08 September 2014

Interest rates stay unmoved at 0.5%

Britain's monetary policy experts have decided to keep interest rates at their historic low for another month.

05 September 2014

Help to Buy 'assisting 48,000 households'

The Help to Buy scheme has assisted more than 48,000 families on to the property ladder.

04 September 2014

Warning over payday loan debts

A debt charity has seen a significant increase in the number of people who are finding it hard to meet their payday loan payments, it has revealed.

03 September 2014

'Record year' for investment ISAs

Stocks and shares ISAs have seen a record year of investment, new figures have revealed.

02 September 2014

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