Whatever stage of life you’re at, and whatever you’re saving towards, we’ve designed a mix of investment products to help you realise your medium to long-term investment goals.

  • Our range of funds are available in a tax-efficient stocks and shares ISA wrapper.

Actively managed funds

With our actively managed funds, a fund manager buys and sells investments aiming to outperform the market or a particular benchmark.

Index-tracker funds

An easy way to invest in shares with a unit trust. Index-tracker funds follow the performance of a particular stock market - in the UK or abroad - with low management fees.

Multi asset funds

A multi asset range of funds that invest in other funds (a fund-of-funds) or in funds that are made up of company shares, bonds and cash (a mixed investment range).

Investment bonds

Our range of investment bonds offer you the chance to invest for the medium to long-term.

Our fund range

Our A to Z list of funds available online

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