Life cover jargon buster.

Do you know the difference between Decreasing Term Assurance with Waiver of Premium
or Level Term Assurance with Critical Illness Cover?

In the table below we’ve listed a number of life insurance related terms and an explanation for each.
We hope this will help you when reading through our web pages:

Accidental Death Benefit Whilst we process your application we give you free Accidental Death Benefit. It covers you if you die within 90 days following an accident. The pay out will either be the amount you applied for, including all concurrent applications, or £300,000, whichever is lowest. Read more about Accidental Death Benefit.
Cover The protection provided by your policy.
Critical Illness Cover Critical Illness Cover pays out a cash sum if you're diagnosed with one of our specified critical illnesses during the length of your policy
Decreasing Term Assurance Decreasing Term Assurance pays out a lump sum if you die during the policy term. The level of cover reduces over the length of the policy roughly in line with the way a repayment mortgage decreases
Guaranteed Insurability Option (GIO) Guaranteed Insurability Option lets you increase the amount of cover you're insured for without the need to provide any further medical evidence. You can do this on certain life events.
Guaranteed Premiums This means that your premiums are guaranteed throughout the length of your policy, unless you alter your cover.
Joint life You can take out a plan so it covers you and another person. The policy will pay out only once following a claim and then ends.
Level Term Assurance Level Term Assurance may also be referred to as life insurance, life cover or term assurance. It pays out a lump sum on your death if you die during the length of the policy.
Policy documents These are the documents we send to you once your policy has started. This includes the Policy Schedule and Policy Terms and Conditions with details of the cover and premium.
Premium The amount you'll regularly pay us for providing cover. You can pay your premiums monthly or annually. If you pay annually you'll get a 4% discount!
Terminal Illness Cover Terminal Illness Cover is provided at no extra cost and means that your policy could pay out upon diagnosis of a terminal illness.  
Waiver of Premium Waiver of Premium can be added to our life insurance policies at an additional cost. It pays your premiums when you are too ill to undertake your normal occupation for 26 weeks or more due to incapacity caused by illness or injury.

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