The Increasing Plan.

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Planning for the future can give you extra peace of mind and could help your loved ones when they need it most. 

The Increasing Plan pays a cash sum if you die after one year of starting the plan and is designed to help protect your cash sum against inflation. The money could be used as a nest egg for your family or to help with unpaid bills when you're gone.

The Increasing Plan offers:

  • Guaranteed acceptance for 50 to 80 year old UK residents
  • No medical or health assessment
  • Your loved ones could get a cash sum after just one year, see how we compare.
  • Premiums starting from £8 a month depending on age
  • Get an extra £250 contribution towards your funeral costs with the Funeral Benefit Option

Our minimum cash sum of £1000 means your loved ones will receive a cash sum that could make a difference when they need it most, even if you choose our lowest monthly premium.

Important things you need to know

Cash sum We will pay your cash sum if you die after one year from the start of your plan regardless of the cause of death.
What happens in year one If you pass away within one year of starting the plan we will pay back all premiums paid. However, if you die as the result of an accident then the full cash sum will be paid instead.
Cash value Please remember that this is not a savings or investment plan and has no cash value unless a valid claim is made.
Annual review Your cash sum is reviewed each year in line with the change in the Retail Prices Index (RPI). Your premium is also reviewed and will increase by the change in RPI multiplied by 1.5. To keep pace with inflation you need to make sure you can afford the future premium increases.

You can decline the annual review and your cash sum and premium will remain fixed. If you decline, inflation will reduce the buying power of the cash sum in future. You won't be able to increase your cash sum or premium in future years.
Premium and cash sum increases If RPI rises above 10%, the maximum increase in your cash sum will be 10% and the maximum increase in your premium will be 15%. If RPI is less than or equal to 0% there will be no increase in the cash sum or premium.
Premiums Depending on how long you live, total premiums paid to us may be greater than the cash sum payable on death.

Premiums stop on your 90th birthday, but your cash sum will continue to be reviewed every year.

If you stop paying your premiums before this, your plan will be cancelled and you won’t get anything back.

You can take out more than one plan, but the total premiums can't exceed £50.
You can place the plan in Trust to help ensure the cash sum from the plan goes to those you wish to benefit from it.

Please read the Policy Summary  PDF: 64KB before you apply.


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