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Aldermore research shows Landlords feel the future of Buy to Let is strong .

07 April 2016

2016 sees the 20th anniversary of buy-to-let’s conception, and housing has become a hot political issue: in 2010, just five per cent of voters ranked housing as the most important issue facing the country, with that number tripling around the General Election in 2015. With the Government introducing measures placing further stamp duty on the purchase of additional property and restricting tax relief for landlords, the privileges of buy-to-let investors in recent decades could well be fading.

Aldermore teamed up with YouGov to ask landlords their thoughts on the changes including whether they believed it would affect them and their future plans for expansion, and the research gives an interesting picture to what the landlords on the ground are thinking too.

52% of landlords expect the changes to stamp duty and tax relief to have no impact.

14% said they would increase rents to cover costs.

63% own only one property that they rent out.

Read the report below


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