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Accord Continue to improve their service to Intermediaries.

01 December 2016


Accord Mortgages has launched an interactive website designed to support brokers during discussions with clients.

The new Client Hub from the intermediary-only lender is an online toolkit containing straightforward explanations about the different types of mortgages and the benefits of various products across the market, a guide through the typical mortgage process, and simple mortgage calculators.

The hub is fully interactive allowing brokers to tailor the information to each individual customer by simply keying in a few personal details. Information is available to support the particular needs of a range of borrowers including first-time buyers, remortgagers, self-employed and contractors.

In addition you can also customise the hub to your particular business style by incorporating your company name and colour scheme. The hub can be accessed via a desktop, laptop or tablet.

You can gain access to the Client Hub by contacting your Business Development Manager (BDM) who will provide step-by-step guidance on how to use it and, alongside Accord's Business Development Advisers (BDA) team, will be available to provide any further assistance.

David Robinson, National Intermediary Sales Manager at Accord said: “We’re committed to helping brokers meet their clients’ needs, and we aim to make their job as easy as possible. We hope intermediaries will find the Client Hub a useful tool to when discussing their clients’ borrowing options. Whilst other lenders offer brokers support with sales aids, our Client Hub is unique because it’s interactive and can be tailored to each client. The hub is very visual and includes animation, scenario illustrations and tips to make it easy for clients to understand their home borrowing options. We’re encouraging brokers to let us know what they think about this new support tool. The hub is constantly evolving, and with the help of broker feedback we plan to develop it further during 2017.”

Jeremy Duncombe, Director, Legal & General Mortgage Club, added: “The Client Hub promotes and supports the job the intermediary does with their client and demonstrates Accord’s desire to work closely with the broker to provide the best possible customer outcome. Following on from the Welcome Pack, Accord is showing the value they place in the job that intermediaries do.”

To view the current Accord product range visit or click here.

Accord have also worked hard on improving their speed of service and changed their credit scoring too:

Things they have changed:

  • In the last 12months they have upskilled 90 mandated underwriters to ensure that the case is looked at correctly and only essential items are requested from the broker.
  • The broker is given the direct line and email address of the underwriter.
  • If something is required the underwriter will call the broker within 24hrs and a lot of the times be able to accept verbal confirmation of details.
  • If the case is declined the broker can appeal to the underwriter to overturn.
  • They also have live chat and 15 on the intermediary desk
  • Their acceptable credit score has been lowered under 80% LTV and they are accepting 20% more cases that would have previously struggled.
  • Affordability is good, if the income is over £70k the can do 5.5 x income. If under £70k its 4.5 x income.

So take another look at Accord.

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