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You'd be surprised at the lending solutions provided by the Melton....

17 November 2016

The Melton for brokers  

As you will have seen The Melton’s new online system is now up and running for you to use.

This new system will enable you to register, obtain a DIP, submit an application, upload documents and track cases online - all in one easy to access place. Have you used it yet? 

Simply click this link to register.

Once you have confirmation that your registration has been accepted, please click this link to log in to your account.




  • Self Build specialists. They can lend in advance up to 85% of land and build costs subject to max 75% end value
  • Remortgage up to 95% including capital raising for home improvements and debt consolidation
  • Maximum age for residential is 80 - this can be for the youngest borrower with no max age for the eldest providing the younger borrower can demonstrate affordability on their own
  • Reduced minimum loan size of £50,000 on all Shared Ownership products
  • No max age for standard BTL mortgages - Family BTL max age 80
  • FTB/FTL accepted on BTL mortgages subject to standard BTL criteria of minimum age 25 and £25k income (this can be shared between 2 applicants)
  • Historic impaired credit CCJ/IVA/Bankruptcy/DMP will be considered where these have been settled for more than 4 years and subject to meeting all other criteria
  • Pay day loan can be disregarded subject to no more than 1 in the last 12 months, the loan being no more than 10% of the net monthly salary and a satisfactory explanation
  • Interest only still acceptable subject to max 60% LTV and minimum equity of £130k (also available in MBS Lending)
  • 2 Years trading considered for self-employed applicants
  • Every case manually underwritten with no credit scoring
  • Available across England & Wales - Max LTV in London 60%


  • Day 1 discharged bankrupt considered
  • IVA/DMP considered subject to 6 months satisfactory conduct
  • Up to £6k in CCJ's in last 2 years considered (none in last 6 months)
  • Repossession considered if more than 2 years ago
  • Max 60% LTV

If you have any questions please call their dedicated broker support team on 01664 414144.

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