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Changes to Buy to Let from Nottingham

10 April 2017

The Nottingham

From today, Monday 10 April, Nottingham are making some changes to their Buy to Let lending policy. 

Rental Income Coverage

Any full mortgage applications from today must have a rental income cover of at least 150% of the interest part of the mortgage payment. They will still calculate this at 4.00% on an interest only basis. 

Buy to Let Product Range 

Straight like-for-like remortgage only:

75% LTV

  • 2 year fixed until 01/08/2019; 2.64% pay rate, £499 booking fee; £700 arrangement fee
  • 2 year discount; 2.74% pay rate; 3.55% discount off VMR for two years; £499 booking fee; £700 arrangement fee

Purchase & remortgage:

75% LTV

  • 5 year fixed until 01/06/2022; 3.29% pay rate; £499 booking fee; £700 arrangement fee

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