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Three steps to a Faster Remortgage from Leeds

12 April 2017


On average 1 in 4 remortgages are impacted by unnecessary delays that we can help prevent, without the need to get involved! 

Conveyancers often need to make additional enquiries of the property owner – rarely complicated, but frustratingly time consuming if they have to rely on our good friends at Royal Mail, potentially adding 4 to 5 days on to the process. The key to avoiding this unnecessary delay sits in your hands and starts with the mortgage application. 

Conveyancers have identified three steps to a cleaner, faster remortgage: 

  1. Ensure the home phone number is correct – typos are far more common than you’d think
  2. Include a mobile number– the conveyancer will only use it if there’s a problem to resolve
  3. And finally, include the customer’s e-mail address – you’d be amazed how many brokers use their own! 

Some of you may be worried about the risk of lenders cross-selling. The vast majority of lenders no longer do this, but tick the ‘no marketing’ box on the lenders application and you can share information without the risk of x-sell or marketing activity.

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