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Changes to Large Loans from Halifax

28 April 2017

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From Tuesday 2 May new mortgage applications of £500,000 and above will be managed by Halifax Premier team. 

For all new applications of £500,000 or above please call the usual Premier numbers: 

New business enquiries: contact the existing Relationship Team on 0345 608 0853. 

Case management: for mortgage applications of £500,000 and over please upload the required documents and contact the new Premier team, now based in Edinburgh, on 0345 608 0851. Alternatively they will call you as soon as they are dealing with the case. 

For mortgage applications of less than £500,000 please upload the required documents and call their processing team following submission on 0345 030 6253. 

Any applications submitted to Premier before the 02 May will continue to be processed by the current Premier case manager, and you should contact them in the usual way. 

For any cases requiring a change in the property to be purchased (revised property details), these will be processed according to the new loan threshold. 

No action is required as all applications will be directed to the correct team by the Halifax Intermediaries online system on submission of the full application. 

If you have any queries please contact your Business Development Manager. 

For more information go to their website here.

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