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Lending into Retirement with Family Building Society

18 August 2017

Family BS

The Family Building Society have shared some real life case studies where they have helped customers by lending into retirement. 

Jane and Mike: Both retired, aged 66 and 70 (respectively) and needed a mortgage for their new home until they were able to sell their current flat. They needed a mortgage that would permit early repayments, once they had the funds.

Result: They provided a new flexible mortgage that allows early repayments. 

Terence: Aged 75 and his current lender was unable to increase the term of his mortgage past the age of 75.

Result: They offered a new mortgage that takes him into his 80s. 

Roger: Aged 73 and his previous mortgage lender wouldn’t extend his term due to his age. However, he wanted to stay in his own home.

Result: Thanks to Family BS he can remain in his existing home with a 14 year term mortgage 

If you have anything similar then get in touch with them on telephone 01372744155 or email

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