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How can you write more business? From Pepper Homeloans

22 August 2017

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Pepper’s aim is quite simple: to help you write more business. They do this by combining highly competitive pricing and wide ranging criteria with skilled manual underwriting. They have an appetite for those interesting cases which increasingly cross your desk. 

So what are interesting cases?

These include customers who may have:

  • Blips on their credit files which cause them to fail high street credit scores
  • CCJs and defaults from as recently as six months ago
  • Recent self-employment with only one year’s accounts or SA302
  • Complex incomes
  • Immature credit histories

Pepper’s criteria highlights include:

  • No credit scoring, either for lending decisions or to determine pricing
  • No ££s value for CCJs or defaults and no requirement for them to be satisfied
  • A range of 5 year fixed rates with affordability calculated at the pay rate, for Residential and Buy to Let
  • Strong capital raising proposition. Debt consolidation available to maximum LTVs
  • Distinct Let to Buy proposition and can look to provide one or both mortgages needed 

But that’s not all – Pepper also offers a range of highly competitive rates from just 2.28%, amongst the lowest for those who marginally fail a credit score. 


If you’ve got a customer who’s recently self employed, has credit blips, a complex income, young credit history or previous financial difficulties, contact Pepper – they’re interested! 

Discover more about Pepper here.

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