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Ipswich in the Premier League

25 August 2017

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Football season has started. Do you have customers that are professional sportspersons struggling to get the mortgage they need? Ipswich have recently agreed a number of such applications, including for professional footballers. 

Unfortunately, many sports professionals have unexpectedly found themselves trapped within the ever-expanding bracket of those considered to be 'mortgage misfits'. Contract income, the threat of injury - and the natural unpredictability of the sporting world - means that many fall foul of high street lenders' automated affordability calculations and find themselves left out of the team.   

Whilst some lenders are relegating sportspeople from their lending criteria, Ipswich are more than happy to look at your customer’s case. At the Ipswich, all of their applications are manually underwritten in-house, so they can take a realistic view of your customer’s individual circumstances. 

For more information visit their website.

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