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The Coventry cuts rates on Residential and Offset

03 February 2017

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The Coventry for Intermediaries is making its Flexx for Term range even more appealing by cutting rates across selected Residential and Offset Products. 

The launch includes:

  • 1.25% Residential at 50% LTV, with a £999 product fee.
  • 1.35% Residential at 65% LTV, with a £999 product fee.
  • 1.45% Offset at 50% LTV, with a £999 product fee.

Their Flexx for Term products are set independently and not linked to any external rate. They have ranges for Residential, Offset and BTL customers and these products have no ERCs.

They also allow unlimited overpayments and allow for further borrowing (subject to availability) at the same rate up to the max LTV of the existing product. Their Flexx for Term range really does stand out in the variable market. 

All products are available from today, Friday 3 February, and are application fee free. 

Full details can be found on their website.

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