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Teachers Improve Lending Criteria

21 February 2017

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Teachers have launched a range of fixed rate mortgages including a 5 year fixed rate deal, plus Teachers working on a supply or fixed term contract now have access to Teachers main range of mortgage products. 

Lending Highlights 

  • Newly Qualified Teachers (NQTs)

They treat NQTs on their first 12 month contract as permanently employed 

  • Fixed/Temporary Contracts (joint applicant cases)

They require a minimum of 6 months remaining on the contract when the mortgage would be estimated to complete 

  • Fixed/Temporary Contracts (sole applicants or main earners)

They can consider teachers employed on a fixed/temporary contract and require a minimum of 5 months remaining on current contract at application 

  • Supply Teaching

They require 12 months' supply history in the area your client wishes to buy

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