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Metro have lowered their Property Value.

09 January 2017


Metro have lowered their minimum property value/purchase price to £75,000 for both residential and Buy to Let. 

Other reasons to take another look at Metro are:

  • No minimum income on Buy-to-Let loans (subject to rental void plausibility/affordability checks)
  • Rental income need only cover 140% of the mortgage interest amount calculated at Metro Bank’s 5.5% stress rate
  • First time landlords accepted
  • Top slicing from earned income to support Buy-to-Let applications
  • BTL Portfolio – up to 10 properties with Metro Bank  (Maximum 15 in total)
  • Legal Assist and no valuation fee now available on property values up to £2m
  • Maximum age at the end of the mortgage term is 80 years
  • Joint borrower, sole proprietor considered

Full details can be found on their website.

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