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Barclays Launch their Best Ever Buy to Let Products.

25 January 2017

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From today, Wednesday 25 January, Barclays are launching their best ever Buy to Let products, with a fee free range. 

Their widest range of BTL rates, include: 

  • 2.09% 2 Year Fixed, 75% LTV with a 1% fee
  • 2.09% 2 Year Tracker, 75% LTV with a £1,500 fee
  • 2.99% 5 Year Fixed, 75% LTV with a 1% fee 

They are also introducing a new 2.99% 10 Year Fixed at 65% LTV with a £2,000 fee. What's more, these rates have been designed to be competitive nationwide. 

They have also produced a Guide to calculating Buy to Let affordability which you can access here, and a Guide to using their Buy to Let affordability calculator which you can view here. 


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