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Overcoming Life Events with Pepper.

27 January 2017

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Pepper have provided you with a case study of how they can help provide mortgage lending where other traditional lenders struggle. 

Pepper know sometimes other things are more important than paying the bills. In this case, Mr Bradley took time out of his life to care for his father, but was now back in the market for a mortgage.

Mr Bradley and his partner were looking to buy a 3 bedroom end of terrace house
Mr Bradley had taken time out of employment to look after his ill father
During this time he encountered some financial difficulty
He was now back in full time employment and had cleared all his debts

The detail
Mr Bradley and his partner were looking to buy a 3 bedroom end of terrace house but were finding it difficult to find a mortgage.

This was because his father, who lived overseas, had been ill and he'd taken time out to care for his father, who was now back to good health. To do this, he had to leave his employment and use his savings as a source of income. As a result of this, combined with the cost of staying overseas, he encountered some financial difficulties.

These financial issues had been resolved and he was back on track and fully employed. Nonetheless, the applicant was not able to source a mortgage from a traditional lender, whilst we were able to take a common sense approach and provided a mortgage.

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