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Accord to Pay Proc Fees for Product Transfers

03 July 2017


From today, Monday 03 July, Accord will now be paying a gross proc fee of 0.30% to all our members. 

  • Advisors who follow the process on this flowchart and submit an application on behalf of their customer, will be paid a proc fee of 0.3% and this will be illustrated on the Offer KFI.
  • The retention products are also displayed on the 3 main sourcing systems so KFI’s can be obtained directly from there in line with current compliance requirements
  • Currently applications can only be made for customers within 90 days of the current maturity date (as per flowchart)
  • The retention is currently only available for Residential customers (not BTL)
  • The retention only currently covers like for like retention
  • Those customers who simultaneously wish to apply for additional borrowing/variation changes will need to apply via their Customer Contact Centre and no fee will be payable on these cases.

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