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Kent Reliance Improving the way they work

03 July 2017

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Kent Reliance want to make your interactions with them smoother and easier. They have implemented the following changes: 

Improvements to property valuations 

  • Valuations are now valid for a period of six months
  • For properties under £5m, it is now optional for you to select either a long form or short form valuation (they do, however, reserve the right to insist on a long form valuation for more complex cases)        

Save time and effort in certifying documents 

They know that certifying payslips, bank statements and other documents can create dozens of pages to read through, which can take up a lot of your time. 

So they have announced that, effective immediately, you will now only need to certify a client’s identification document and proof of address. Please view their latest submission requirements.

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