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What do you know about Holmesdale Building Society.

05 July 2017

Holmesdale BS

Last year we gave you access to Holmesdale Building Society but how well do you know them?

Here are a few reasons to take another look:

The society’s affordability calculator - a true affordability assessment

Means for some borrowers higher lending is truly available.

Their underwriters are there to listen

Does your customers situation make sense to you – is there a clear strategy with everything able to be evidenced and yet nobody will listen – ring their underwriters direct on 01737 232324.

Personal service

They assign an underwriter to your customers mortgage application who will acknowledge receipt, provide updates with direct contact detail – less confusion than being passed from one to another or simply not knowing who to speak with.

Speedy Mortgage response

Their time for an application to be assessed is under 24 hours.

To find out more visit their website on

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