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Santander, Quicker Mortgage Offers.

15 June 2017

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In Santanders’ latest ‘In The Know’ campaign they are offering some helpful hints on how to obtain a quicker mortgage offer for your customers.

Top Tips…

  • Over 17 living in property and not on the mortgage?

In the notes section of the application, please tell us:

  •      Full name
  •      Relationship
  •      Whether financially dependent on the applicant

  • Second job?


  •      Provide latest monthly payslip


  •      Please provide accountant’s certificate OR
  •      Two years’ SA302s PLUS Tax Year Overview for each year

Always tell us about the job details in the notes section of the application, including:

  •      Employer’s name and address
  •      Occupation
  •      Length of employment
  •      Salary
  •      Hours worked each week
  • Shared Ownership?
  •      Please tell us the ground rent and service charge in the application so we can include these costs when assessing affordabilit


Please call your dedicated contact if you want to know more about the above.

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