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Retention Helpdesk at Santander

02 May 2017

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Did You Know that Santander have a retention helpdesk to assist you with any operational difficulties you or your customers may have in transacting retention business with them? 

They are receiving a number of calls where the query is best answered by their MATS message system. 

To help the understanding of this system, they have provided a screenshot of the complete cycle of MATS messages which read from the base upwards and shows the progress you should expect to see as the case proceeds to complete.  Click here to view this. 

For information, most retention cases will complete on the 3rd of a month as their products generally expire on the 3rd of a month. 

If your customers have any issues logging in to their offer or in accepting the terms, they should contact you in the first instance. You can then contact the helpdesk and they will help you assist your customer.

The contacts details are: 

0800 032 7865 

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